Saving money as a driver

Getting your head around the world of money can be tough. But, once you’ve got the fundamentals down, everything gets that bit easier. In this blog, Blue Motor Finance explains how to save money as a driver. 


The cost of being a driver in the UK has skyrocketed over the last few years. But by following a few small savings hacks, it’s possible to reduce some of those bills.  


Here are six top tips to help you spend less money on your motor:  


  1. Haggle on your car insurance renewal – Don’t simply accept a renewal quote. You should always compare prices against other insurers and then call-up your current insurer to see if you can get a better price. There may also be things you could change that reduce your renewal quote. For example, reducing the number of miles you drive or considering where you park the car could see insurers lower your bill.  

  2. Wash your car yourself – Of course it’s easier to take the car to a carwash, but the cost soon adds up over the year. Washing your car yourself saves you money and provides the opportunity to keep an eye on any scratches that have appeared so you can be sure you’re keeping your car in good nick.  

  3. Use an app to find cheaper parking spaces – You don’t always have to park in the first car park you find. Using a parking app such as Parkopedia will help you search for cheaper car parks in the area. All the better in places where parking tends to be more expensive such as larger city centres. 

  4. Take an advanced driver course – Most of us don’t think to take a driving course after we’ve passed and got our licence. However, advanced courses can teach you how you can alter your driving style so that you drive more economically. They could also help lower your insurance costs.  

  5. Shop around for petrol - Always remember to take note of petrol prices in your local area. Sometimes petrol stations which are close together can have prices that vary by a few pence. Driving a little bit out of your way could save you more money in the long run despite using a bit more fuel to get there in the first place. It’s also worth joining the loyalty schemes for nearby petrol stations to see if you can earn rewards or points that reduce your fuel bill.  

  6. Don’t use windscreen wipers to clear ice – Windscreen wipers are expensive to replace and using them to try to clear ice could damage or tear them completely. Investing in a proper ice scraper or some de-icer this winter could help avoid a headache and wasted money further down the line. 

These are just some ways to save money as a driver, but there are many more. A key one to ask yourself as you get behind the wheel - do you actually need to take the car on this trip? If you are just nipping up the road, consider walking which is not only good for the bank balance but also your health.  


That’s everything for now. Keep an eye on the blog as we’ll be posting more articles to help you master your money.  

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