The UK fintech industry has launched a campaign to drive 10 million actions that improve consumers' financial resilience by 2025. We call this the "2025 Fintech Pledge".

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Building up the UK's financial resilience

Rising inflation and the subsequent price surges in everything from energy bills, petrol prices and grocery costs have exacerbated the squeeze on household finances, some of which were already under strain in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Britons up and down the country are increasingly worried about the impact of this financial shock on their lives.

The financial technology industry has been built on the principle of driving positive change for customers and so we must act now.

The "2025 Fintech Pledge" brings together the fintech industry and its strategic partners to help UK consumers build up their financial resilience and better protect against the rising cost of living.

The plan: driving 10 million positive actions

We want to drive 10 million actions that improve people's financial resilience by 2025. We will measure this through the number of actions consumers take each month that are proven to positively build their financial resilience.

At an average of one action per person, 10 million actions represent 20% of the UK adult population taking a positive step towards better managing a financial shock.

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Target: 10 million actions



1. Move your savings from low to high interest-yielding accounts and set up saving pots to better control and manage your finances

Build more savings by maximising the interest you earn on your money and by adopting new saving behaviours

2. Sign up to a credit building tool to better understand your credit score

Strengthen your financial position to access more and better value financial products

3. Use a debt consolidation tool to understand how much you could save each month by consolidating

Manage your debt more sustainably while reducing your financial obligations

4. Reduce your utility and household essential bills by switching providers online to access better priced deals.

Save money on one or more monthly payments

What does joining the pledge mean?

The 5 principles of the pledge


This is a voluntary pledge; all parties are equal and adhere to the principles for as long as they are signatories.


Signatory parties commit to directly contributing to the pledge's objective of driving 10 million actions by using their products and services fairly and transparently, putting consumers first.


Signatory parties agree to build advocacy for the initiative within the fintech ecosystem, industry bodies, and the media.


Signatory parties agree to communicate information about the pledge to their customers by explaining directly how they can benefit from it, by displaying their logo on the pledge's landing page, and by publishing the pledge's logo on their website.


Signatory parties agree to clearly define, measure and quantify how their customers are contributing to the campaign goal of 10 million actions; this may be different for each partner depending on their product offering.

What do I commit to?

Signatory parties commit to:

  • Provide a senior sponsor from within the institution

  • Provide a day-to-day point of contact

  • Meet on a quarterly basis

  • Upload the logos and publish the sponsor bios within 90 days from joining

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Some of our Partners and Members

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Progress towards our 10 million actions target


Email to join the pledge or to find out more about the initiative.

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